The soundtrack to your school dance is important.  From the hottest new music to your favorite dance songs, We’ve Got The Beat Entertainment has all the music and variety you need to keep all students happy and the dance floor packed.

We’ve Got The Beat Entertainment is proud to be Prime Cuts Certified.  Every week we receive new music from TM Century, the largest provider of music to the world’s leading radio stations, and countdown shows such as American Top 40, Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40, and more.  TM Century provides us with music on or before it hits the radio air waves, keeping us on the cutting edge of what’s hot and new.

We’ve Got The Beat Entertainment is proud of our music library with one of the most extensive libraries in the area, we are sure to have the type of music you want and the variety you need to provide a dance packed evening for all students.

While we have hits spanning from 1945 – Current, from over 16 different genres of music, dance, adult contemporary, CHR (Top-40), urban, R&B, Country, Oldies, rock, disco, swing, and even classical.  We are constantly updating our library with hard to find hits, and other familiar favorites.

Check out our music charts page to see what is hot and new in all formats.